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Magazine and Publishing Website

1800-CMS Magazine and Publishing Websites offers a powerful on-line features for magazine media publishers or newspaper organizations. This is the ultimate solution to manage small to large size compaines within this industry.


What's Included:

  • Administration access
  • 1 FREE Domain
  • 2 Months FREE Hosting




Content Publishing

    * Ability to publish Articles, Static Pages and Blogs
    * Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
    * Keeping revisions and auto-drafts of articles
    * Event Calendar
    * Custom workflow statuses: active, pending, archived, deleted
    * Different output formats for content: Web (xHTML),
       Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, RSS/Atom, JSON
    * Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content
    * Commenting system
    * Topics & Tags
    * Related articles
    * Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.)
    * Social bookmarking syndication (Digg, Del.icio, and others)
    * WYSIWYG editor for adding content

Search Engine Optimisation

    * Custom META keywords/description tags
    * Automatic Google XML sitemap module
    * GoogleNews ready

Documents & Media Management

    * Robust Document and Media Management system for
       managing documents and assets
    * Ability to tag files
    * Full media streaming capabilities
    * All major video formats supported
    * Podcasting
    * Uploading documents and files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.)
    * Image repository for multiple usage