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1800-CMS CUSTOM Dental website design comes complete with advanced features such as blogs, news, articles, patient forms, easy to understand admin controls, and so much more. 


What's Included:

  • Administration access
  • 1 FREE Domain
  • 2 Months FREE Hosting




After 1800myweb designs the site, customer will be able to do the following:
Browser-Based Content Authoring/Editing

It will be simple to edit the content for your website online. Simply choose the type of content you want to create and then type in the details.

·         Point-and-click editing

·         Rich text formatting

·         Paste from Microsoft Word

·         Add lists and links

·         Upload, insert & resize images

·         Change text colors

·         Change font size and family

·         Switch to full screen editing

·         Align and justify paragraphs

·         Complete undo/redo support

·         Advanced user can edit HTML


SEO Optimized

The 1800myweb CMS structure was designed from the ground up by search engine optimization experts.

All pages make proper use of heading tags, alt tags, meta details, etc. The pages are tableless in design and are crafted to help your website rank favorably in all major search engines.

Per-Page Optimization

You can specify the page title and meta data for every category and page on your website, giving you complete control over the keywords you want to rank for.


SEO-Friendly Links

All pages on your website use SEO-friendly links which make it easy for search engine spiders to find and then index the content of your pages.

Links are not prefixed with keywords such as /articles/ or /blogs/ - the title of the content item is the only thing which appears in the URL, such as:

This increases keyword proximity in URLs and helps you rank better in all search engines. Spaces are replaced with dashes for optimal ranking.


Related Links

Publish a list of related links (internal and external links) for a content item to provide visitors with further reading.



More Features:

Google Analytics

Track the number, location, referrals and bounce rate of visitors on your website with Google Analytics integration.

Photo Galleries
Upload dozens or more photos at once and then add the gallery anywhere on your website.

Contact Form

Lets visitors fill in a basic contact form. Their details will then be emailed to you.


Allows you to upload attachments and display them on your web site for download when creating new content.

YouTube Videos  

Paste in the link to a YouTube video and it will automatically be embedded in an article, web page, blog, etc on your website.


Calendars & Events   

Create a calendar full of events and display it on your website. You can even limit which staff members can modify your calendar.



Podcasting from your website is easy. You can upload your podcast as an MP3 file or link to it on another website. You can also add your podcast to iTunes using the point and click instructions

Resource Box  

Publish more information about an news, article, press release, etc in the resource box.

Comments and Blogs    

Build a conversation right from your website by adding a threaded commenting system to any piece of content. You have auto-approve or manually approve new comments.

You can also reduce comment spam with CAPTCHA, and visitors can be notified via email when their comment is approved or when someone replies. What a great way to increase the traffic of your website.
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